Interpret Import Process Model


The Import Process Model allows you to create a process structure for your system through an external file. This method is easier and faster than manually creating items in your Process Manager.  

The Import Process Model works in three steps:

  1. Downloading the preformatted Excel spreadsheet.

  2. Mapping out your process structure by entering object data in the spreadsheet.

  3. Importing the Excel spreadsheet into your system.

Note: The spreadsheet can be configured by you (the System Owner) or by a TRACCESS consultant.

The spreadsheet is an Excel file that consists of rows and columns where you enter data to define the objects to be entered into your system. The spreadsheet is an semi-fixed format, meaning it is somewhat flexible; however, you must be cautious when making changes outside of this format, as it can cause errors or unwanted changes to occur.

You can find all the step-by-step procedures for this feature on the Import Process Model: Procedures page.  

Process Model Objects

There are several objects that can be imported:

For process sets, processes, subprocesses, and tasks, the Name property (which by default is a multilingual property) will be the only property imported.

For resources, the Name property and three other properties are imported:

When tasks are imported, its related objects are also imported. For example, resource locations are imported and placed under their related tasks.

Planning Your Process Model

Before entering any of the objects into your system, time must be devoted to capturing the workings of your company. You can do this planning on your own or have a TRACESS consultant do this for you. When the needs of your company is decided on, this information can then be entered into the Excel spreadsheet. The items in your spreadsheet can then be searched for, sorted, filtered, and organized. Again, as a cautionary note, if you are creating this process structure yourself, be aware that the changes could cause errors in the import or unwanted items in your process structure. Contact your system administrator before making change you're unsure of.

When the spreadsheet is ready, it's then imported into your system, and the objects are created automatically in your Process Manager—and your process structure is complete.

Additional Help:

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