Assign Learning for (Organization Unit)

Selecting a Process Set or Process assigns this learning to all Learners from this Organization Unit, and all Organization Units nested within this one.  If the selected Organization Unit happened to appear downstream, only the selected Organization unit would be have access to this Learning.

In the above graphic, there are two Processes whose text appears grey.  This is because the particular Organization Unit that is currently selected already has access to this information from higher in the Organization tree.  Therefore, selecting to show it again to this Organization Unit would be redundant.  This is best understood by looking at the Assignment Details of an Organization Unit.

represents the Organization Unit name.

OR represent the Process Set or Process that has been assigned to the above Organization Unit.

If no Process Set or Process appear directly below the Organization Unit name, that Organization Unit does not have any learning that applies specifically to them.  Anything that appears higher within the same tree is accessible to everyone lower in the tree.