New Employee

From the New Employee dialog, you can:

If you do not enter a name for the Employee, the Default Value for the First Name/ Last Name properties for an Employee will be entered. These values are set by a System Owner in the Tools/ Object Properties dialog.

The default value for First Name is New, and the default value for Last Name is Employee.

The Employee ID is often a standard within the company.  For example, some companies may decide to use the Employee's first initial and last name as an Employee ID.

Email addresses are used in Messaging and Feedback, and in Reporting, and therefore valid email addresses must be entered for each employee in order to make use of this functionality.

The System Owner can choose to set a minimum password length in the System Options/ General tab.  If this is the case, entering a password that does not meet the minimum password length, or leaving these fields blank, will result in an error message.