Organization Report Template

Once you have used the reports a few times, you may remember what the end result is supposed to look like, but cannot remember the report type name.  Before describing the individual wizard pages, below is a sample generated report.

Select the Organization Units wish to report on.  In this report only, you cannot select only a parent Organization Unit's Learners without seeing all of its child Organization Units.

Select from a list of fields to report on.

In the generated report, each person is listed as Last Name, First Name.  Therefore, selecting the First Name and Last Name fields may be useless to you (since it is already listed).  Also, certain properties may be more useful to select that others.  For example, if you want to make sure that everyone has a valid email address, you will want to select the field. However, you may never be required to check an Employee's Paper Type, or whether or not they are allowed to change their passwords.  Select only the fields that you need to see, to cut down the overall size of the report.


Create Filters with the use of the Add Report Filter dialog.

A Filter is a way of "weeding through" the information and only showing exactly what you are looking for.  For example, if you wanted to start using certain functionality that you never made use of before, you may wish to see all Employees without an email address, so that you could enter it, and without a Primary Process, so that you could set it.  This would narrow down your list to only show the ones that need to be worked on.

In certain cases, if you wish to pass some of this information along to another Supervisor or Operational Administrator, you may not want to include information regarding other Managers (Supervisors, Operational Administrators, Reporters) in the system.  Conversely, you may wish to only report on management, which would exclude Learners from your report altogether.

This page allows you to select two report formats:  a view format and a mail attachment format.  

Depending on what you wish to do with the report afterwards, you will want to select different mail attachment formats.  If you wish to manipulate the data, choose Microsoft Excel.  If you wish to keep the report as-is, select the Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

If the generated report is larger than the value shown in this dialog, you will receive a message indicating the completion status of the report, and that it was unable to include the attachment due to its size.  In this case, you can still view the report within TRACCESS, and subsequently export it.

If the mail attachment format and the create zip file fields are disabled, this means that the option to attach generated reports to completion emails has been disabled for your installation.