Interpret Electronic Signature

In TRACCESS, there are several ways to indicate that a Task has been completed.  These differ slightly between the knowledge and capability components, but the entire list is as follows:


There are several organizations in charge of company compliance that are now insisting on the use of electronic signatures.  "An electronic signatures is any legally recognized electronic means that indicates that a person adopts the contents of an electronic message". (  The electronic signature functionality was added to TRACCESS CI in order to assist our customers to attempt to comply with Title 21 Code of Federal Regulations (21 CFR Part 11) of the US Food and Drug Administration.  This legislation deals with requiring an electronic signature or record every time someone attempts to set/ clear someone else's qualification.  Of the above methods of setting completion on a task, the only methods that are exempt from requiring an electronic signature are when a Learner affects their own changes by either passing/failing a final exam online, or passing/ failing a SCORM module.

Forcing Operational Administrators/ Supervisors to use electronic signatures is a function permission in the Role Permission Sets dialog.  The function is called Provide Explicit Digital Signature.  If this is not enabled for an Operational Administrator or Supervisor, the section on electronic signature in the Task History dialog will have the signature type listed as Implicit.  

Since this is a feature introduced in TRACCESS CI (8.5), there will not be any electronic signatures for completions prior to the minor version's release.

The electronic signature functionality is divided into 4 parts:

At this point, the Operational Administrator/ Supervisor is required to enter their Employee ID and password.  The Meaning field is prepopulated with a list of possible reasons for the qualification to be set/ cleared.  These include:

Please Note:  Since the Provide Explicit Digital Signature is a function that is controlled in the Role Permission Sets dialog, and the System Owner's rights are not controlled within the Role Permission Set dialog, if setting completions while logged in as a System Owner, you will not be required to digitally sign completions (with the exception of completing a Capability Assessment).  If you wish to use the Digital Signature functionality, and have your signature type appear as explicitly signed, you must set completions as a Supervisor or Operational Administrator (after having enabled the function in the Role Permission Set dialog).  The System Owner role is intended to oversee the entire system, and not to set completions for individual Learners.