Create Management (Process Manager)

An employee must first be created in the Organization Manager, and be assigned to at least one Organization Unit in order to be allowed given a management role in the Process Manager.

To create an Employee in the Organization Manager
  1. Open the Organization Manager.
  2. Expand the desired Organization Unit to view the Learners heading.
  3. Right-click on Learners and select New Employee.

The New Employee dialog appears.

  1. Enter the required information, and click OK.  

The new employee will appear under the Learners heading.

To add an employee to Management in the Process Manager
  1. Open the Process Manager.
  2. Expand the desired Process Set or Process to view the Management heading.
  3. Right-click on Management and select Add/ Remove Employees.

The Add/ Remove Management for Process dialog appears.

  1. Select the Employee, and click >>.  
  2. Click OK.

The employee will appear under the Management heading with the appropriate role icon.