Enforce Prerequisites


The Enforce Prerequisites feature allows the System Owner to choose which type of Task completion methods will force prerequisites to be completed. Even if prerequisites are assigned to a Task, the employee will only be informed of the prerequisites and can choose to complete the Task without completing the prerequisites first. When prerequisites are enforced, however, the employee is unable to complete the Task until the prerequisites have been completed. Enforced completion methods also keep Tasks from completing in indirect ways, such as with imports and auto-completes.

There are a number of benefits of enforcing prerequisites:

There are several types of Task completion methods for enforcing prerequisites. When any of these methods are enabled, an information dialog will appear indicating which prerequisite Tasks need to be completed. The dialog will appear at different times for each method, as indicated below:

Here you can see the dialog that appears when a Learner attempts a final Knowledge Assessment when prerequisites are enforced:

When prerequisites exist but are not enforced, the Learner sees a dialog that only indicates that prerequisites exist, but he/she is not blocked from completing the assessment:

All Tasks that have prerequisites will always show an information dialog. But remember that unless prerequisites are enforced, the employee may always choose to proceed.

Please Note:  Access Restrictions as a result of Prerequisites: A prerequisite must be fully complete (i.e. knowledge and capability components for tasks) before access to the subsequent task is allowed. Once a prerequisite has been satisfied it will not be enforced in the future unless it is explicitly returned to an incomplete status (not elapsed or revised) by someone with the security rights to do so.

Enforce a Prerequisite

To enforce a prerequisite:

  1. Select Tools > System Options from the ribbon (main menu). The System Options dialog appears.

  2. Select Task.

  3. Click the Edit... button beside Enforce Prerequisites. The Enforce Prerequisites dialog appears.

  4. Select the completion methods you would like to enforced prerequisites for. (To remove, uncheck.)

  5. Click OK.

    The prerequisites for the selected items are enabled system-wide and will affect all Tasks that have prerequisites assigned to them.

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