Organization Manager - Employee - Profile

The information in the Profile tab is essentially a reformatting of the information in the Properties section.  The main difference is that if an Employee Picture exists, it would be displayed next to the profile information in the blue space.

A Learner's Qualification Summary shows a breakdown of the statuses of their Tasks in the system.  This breakdown represents a roll-up of the entire Task.

Up until this point, there has only ever been the need for three colors to represent statuses:  white, black and red.  Seeing as the Qualification Statuses include 5 statuses, two new colors were introduced:  blue for About to Elapse and yellow for Elapsed.

The overall status of a task is often simple to figure out:


However, to determine the overall status of a Task that contains two components is determined by following an "Order of Precedence".  This order of precedence is as follows:


For example:


Since an overall status of Incomplete will be far more common than any other status, when a Learner views their Qualification Status pie, they will likely not see all of the colors, all of the time.  The above graphic is just a representation of how these colors would appear.

Moving your cursor over the sections of the pie displays the total number of Tasks within a particular status, over the total number of Tasks that the currently selected in Learner has access to.