About Organization Manager

Clicking on Organization Manager displays the Organization Manager tree. All employees must be created within the Organization Manager and belong to an Organization Unit in order to have any rights within the system.

There are two main uses of the Organization Manager, which are generally carried out by two different roles:

The Operational Administrator works in the Organization Manager tree to create, edit and delete Organization Units and Employees.

The Supervisor works in the Organization Manager's context views to Assign Learning, Set Task Priorities, Set Qualification Dates, Set Course Marks, and Complete Capability Assessments for Organization Units and Employees.


A third role that requires rights to the Organization Manager in order to function is:

A reporter will only be able to report on those individuals from the Organization Units in which he is a Reporter. However, if an employee has only a reporter role, they will not be able to see the Organization Manager. Their only tree will be the Report Manager.


The main views within the Organization Manager are the Organization Unit context views and the Employee context views.