Create an Activity Report

A System Owner, Operational Administrator (with permission), or a Supervisor (with permission) can create an Activity Report.  (To view a generated Activity Report, visit Interpret Activity Report.)

Note about Supervisors and Operational Administrators creating Activity Reports: Even if a Supervisor or an Operational Administrator has been given permission to create Activity Reports, they will not see the creation wizard in the same way a System Owner would. The first tab in a Supervisor's or Operational Administrator's view is Org Units; however, if a template created by a Supervisor or Operational Administrator is edited by a System Owner to report on all activities, then the Activity Scope tab will be visible. Also, any templates that are shared by a System Owner with a Supervisor or Operational Administrator will also display the Activity Scope tab.

Creating an Activity Report involves three sequential steps:


To create an Activity Report Template:

  1. Open the Reports Manager.

  2. Right-click on "Activity" and select New. The New Activity Report Template dialog appears.

  1. Select the criteria on each page to include in your Activity Report, and click Next > to move through all the criteria pages. Visit New Activity Report Template for a full, detailed description of each criteria page.

  2. Click OK, when you are finished; the template appears in the Report Manager heading in edit mode—type in a name for your report template and press <Enter>.

Your Activity Report Template is now created, and you can generate your report.


To generate a report (from a template):
  1. Select a template from under the Activity heading in the Reports Manager tree.
  2. Right-click on the Template and select Generate Report.
    In the context view, click the Generate button.

The Generate Report dialog appears. The Title field is populated with the name of the template.

  1. (optional) Enter a name for the report in the Title field.
  2. (optional) Enter a description of the report.
  3. Click Generate.

In the context view, a new report appears in the Generated Reports box. While the report is generating, an icon appears in front of the report name: . This icon changes once the report is generated: .


To view a generated report
  1. Select a template from under the Activity heading in the Reports Manager tree.
  2. In the context view, select the report and click View.


Additional Help:

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