About Report Filters

In several of the TRACCESS CI Integrated Reports (or those reports that come standard with TRACCESS), there is the ability to filter the information that is generated by the report.  These reports include:

Filters are created using the objects and their properties available in a particular report.  Use the following graphic to see which objects are available to be filtered in each of the reports.

The options that are available for creating a filter depend on the type of property.  For example, a text/ multi-language text property will have the "comparisons" of:  Exists, Does Not Exist, Equals, Does Not Equal, Contains, Does Not Contain.  After taking into account all of the possible property types, the corresponding comparisons, and the TRACCESS specific property types, the filters that can be created seem endless.

In the Filters_Reports_Search.xls, there are two worksheets called Search Filters and Report Filters that use color coding to indicate property type and the comparison that can be used for each.