Qualification Options dialog

Report On

If a particular component is not chosen to be reported on (in the Options page), the date will appear as --- and the status will be listed as N/A.

Status to Report - all are selected by default.

Organize By

What you select below will affect a few things:  in what order the information will be presented, what properties can be displayed in the generated report and how the Organized By heading will be populated.

Summary Section

This options available in this section is directly related to what is selected in the Sort By section.  See the following table for all possible combinations.

Forecast Date Report

If creating a Forecast Date report, you are looking for Tasks that are About to Elapse or Elapsed at some date in the future.  Because of this, deselect the Complete, Incomplete, and Revised status options above.  Only those Tasks with a Duration are of value in the report.

Change Report

If creating a Change Report, you must select a range for which you wish to see Employee/ Task activity.  Only changes to an Employee Task status during this time will be reflected in the report.