Detail Lines - Training Information Report

Depending on how the report is organized, the detail lines will be listed in different orders.

The entire Organization structure above the selected Organization Unit is listed, separated by forward slashes (/).

If you are a reporter who only has access to an Organization Unit named Operators, but this Organization Unit is nested within other Organization Units, the first line will not show Operators, it will show Organization Unit/ Organization Unit/ Organization Unit/ Operators.  This was designed to distinguish between Organization Units with the same name.  There may be two groups called Operators and therefore the two reports on these separate groups may appear as follows:

<Your Company Name>/Operations/Shift A/Operators

<Your Company Name>/Operations/Shift B/Operators



Explanation of Dates/ Statuses

Regardless of how the information is presented (whether the Organization Unit, Employee, Process or Task names appear first), the end information is presented in the same way.  This end information is called Employee Task properties.  In other words, it is the status of an Employee on a Task.