To attach a SCORM Resource to a Task
  1. Open the Processes Manager.
  2. Expand the Process to view an individual task.
  3. Right-click on the task, and select Add SCORM Resource.

The SCORM Resource Creation dialog appears.

  1. Select one of two Import Methods from the dropdown menu:

Upload and Import from Zip File
If a directory already exists for the SCORM zip package, a dialog appears with two options:

If no directory exists, the SCORM Resource Creation dialog appears (Step 6).


Import Existing Resource on Web Server
Click the ellipsis (...) button. A dialog box appears:

Choose one of the existing directories and click OK. If there are no directories, click Cancel and choose to Upload and Import from Zip File instead.

  1. Click Next.

The second SCORM Resource Creation dialog appears.

  1. Enter the name of the new SCORM resource under the appropriate languages.

The Properties pane in the Process Manager will display both the original SCORM name and the name you choose here.

  1. In the Provides section, set whether the SCORM Module Provides Knowledge and/or Provides Capability, or neither by clicking in the checkboxes.

Providing Knowledge and/or Providing Capability means that if these are set to Yes, and the SCORM module is successfully completed, the component(s) are considered complete (and will turn black).

  1. In the Link section, choose whether to link to the entire SCORM module or to link to a SCORM component and indicate what that may be.

Note: The packaging and breaking up of SCORM modules is dependent entirely on the SCORM module.

  1. Check the Content is Dynamic box if your course contains dynamic content. (e.g. Force 10).
  2. Click Finish.

A new SCORM resource appears in edit mode, represented by the icon.