Multi-Object Property Editor


The Multi-Object Property Editor allows management roles to change multiple property values at one time. For example, you could change any number of employee account statuses from "active" to inactive."

The properties each management role can edit is dependant on the properties they have access to. For example, a Supervisor could replace property values for the people and processes they manage; a System Owner can change properties for any object in the system.

Note: If you are looking for change a portion of inline-edit property values, use the Search and Replace feature.

Changing a Property Value

This function can be broken down into three steps:

  1. Searching for objects

  2. Choosing objects

  3. Changing property value

1. Searching for Objects

The first step in using the Multi-Object Property Editor feature is searching for objects through a regular search in the Search dialog, accessed by selecting the Search icon in the Quick Access Bar. Detailed instructions on conducting a search and what you can search for is explained on the Search page.

2. Choosing Objects

Once you have conducted a search from the Search dialog, you can select the objects you want to edit from the Search Results list. The Access column, represented by an "A" indicates whether the object is writable (W) or read-only (R). Read-only objects are not editable.

Selecting Objects

There are two ways to select multiple objects from the search results list:

With your objects selected, click Edit (this button stays inactive until at least one object is selected). The Multi-Object Property Editor appears.

3. Changing Property Values

The Multi-Object Property Editor lists the properties for your selected objects. These properties can appear in several ways:

Greyed out - The property is not editable.

Blank (no value) - At least one of the objects you selected has a different value than the rest of the objects. Changing the value will set them all to the same value.  

Value - All the objects have the same value.

To edit a property value, click on an editable property (appears in black text), then simply change the value through its unique edit feature. This will change the property value for all the objects you selected in the Search dialog. For example, in the screenshot below, the "Can Change Password" value is being changed to "No" with the dropdown menu.

Click the OK button to save your changes.

Additional Help:

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