Select Verifier Name: (Verified By)


The Select Assessor Name feature allows assessors to delegate assistants to sign off assessments on their behalf. This is especially helpful when an assessor has limited time, but there are a large number of assessments to be signed off. In the assessments’ dialogs, an “Assessed By” option is available for the assistant to select the assessor’s name.

A Supervisor or Operational Administrator can be given permission to choose an assessor name. This permission is found under Tools > Role Permission Sets > Function Permissions tab > Assess by Proxy checkbox. By default, neither of these roles have this permission. When an assessment is signed off, the chosen assessor's name appears in the Properties pane.

Even though the assessments will appear to be signed off by someone other than who is actually logged in, the Task History keeps a record of who was logged in and which assessor name was selected.

The Select Assessor option appears for the six types of assessments.