Select Verifier Name: Concept


The Select Verifier Name feature enables assistants who are entering verifications to select the names of the actual person who performed the verification. By default, the selected verifier is the logged in user. However, if the selection is changed in the Select Verifier dialog, TRACCESS then records the names of the verifier and the person entering the data.  

A Supervisor or Operational Administrator can be given permission to choose a verifier name. This permission is found under Tools > Role Permissions > Function Permissions tab > Verify by proxy check box. By default, neither of these roles has this permission. With the permission, when an assessment is signed off, a verifier selection option will be available on the Capability Assessment Verification dialog.

Even though the assessments will appear to be verified by someone other than the person actually logged in, the Task History keeps a record of who was logged in and which verifier name was selected.

Selecting a Verifier Name

  1. Right-click on a Task then click View Task History.

The Task History opens.

  1. Select the Task you will be verifying in the Task Dialog then click the Verification tab.

The Verification options are displayed including the Verify button. NOTE: For the Verify button to be active, a detail line containing a capability component must be selected in the Task Dialog.

  1. Click the Verify button.

A Capability Assessment Verification dialog opens. The name in the 'Verified by:' field at the bottom first appears as the name of the person who is signed in.

  1. Click on the ellipsis button.

The Select Verifier dialog appears with a list of employees to choose from.

  1. Scroll through the list in the Select Verifier dialog, and select the employee who performed the verification.
    OR - Use the search field and type in a keyword, then click Search—this may help you find a particular name faster.

  2. Click OK when you've selected the name you want.

A Verifier dialog will appear asking you to confirm that the selected person should be recorded as the verifier.

  1. Click OK in the Verifier dialog.

The selected person is now listed as the verifier in the Task History.

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