Data Warehouse Tab - System Options

Capture Interval - This is the frequency that a database capture should be executed.


Capture Priority Language - This is the priority language to use when denormalizing multilingual display strings in a snapshot.


Run time - Time of day to run data capture.


Start day - Time period is calculated relative to this day.


Failure Email -  An email address to message upon critical failure.


Retry count - Number of retry attempts before cancelling capture.


Retry delay - Delay time on retry.


Log file Path - <blank to use Engine general log file path> default log file name = ”r;QDWHLog.log”


Database data provider type - Same as Main Database will capture all snapshots in the main database. In this case, the Database Connect String is ignored.


Database connect string - Connect string of the target database. Note that any value entered in this filed will always be displayed as blank for security reasons, but will be retained and used properly.


..<ConnectionString>Data Source=server_name;User Id=person_accessing_system;Password=whatever_you_want</ConnectionString>


  <ConnectionString>Data Source=server_name;Initial Catalog=database_name;User Id=person_accessing_system;Password=whatever_you_want</ConnectionString>