Interpret Training Information

Before being able to graduate from high school, each student must obtain 100 credits.  The same concept applies to many courses, programs or certifications in industry.  Not only are credits obtained, but before obtaining a certain certification or title, employees may have to accumulate training hours (experience hours).  A TRACCESS Task can be configured to contain three properties that relate to training information:

Not all Tasks will have all three Training Information properties populated.  Different Tasks will require any combination of these properties to be configured, and some will not require training property information to be configured at all.

These three properties are directly linked to the status of the Task.  Whatever value is set in each of these properties is obtained by completing the Task.  The way of tracking Training Information is by completing a Training Information Report.

In the body of the report, the values in the Training Information columns are the values that are obtained upon completion - not the actual obtained values.  To calculate the actual obtained values, you must look across to see if the status is Complete or Incomplete (or look at the Summary below).

Complete is:


Incomplete is:


Based on the above graphic:


Please Note:  If you obtain credits or credit hours by taking a course, and the Task becomes revised or a duration elapses, you will lose those Training credits/ hours.  This may have positive or negative repercussions.


Within TRACCESS, training information is used by several roles to achieve different purposes: