Add/Remove Dialog

The Add/Remove dialog is used in many places in the system to add and remove items to and from an object. This can be adding and/or removing Employees to/from an Organization Unit, Tasks for a Sub Process, and Resources for a Task. Although the content of the dialog differs, the functionality is the same, as outlined below.

Left Box - The left box lists all of the Employees, Tasks, or Resources available to add or assign. What you see in this list will depend on your role, your assigned Org Units, and your permissions.

Right Box - The right box lists the Employees, Tasks, or Resources that currently exist or have been assigned.

Add/Remove Buttons - Select an item from the left or right box, then click the Add >> or Remove << buttons

Search - Enter a keyword(s) to filter your results. Click the X to clear the search field.

Columns - Click the Columns button to open a dialog that displays a list of relevant properties. The columns you select appear in the left and right boxes and can then be used to find and identify items more easily. Added property columns are not searchable in add/remove dialogs.

The example below shows a dialog for adding and removing Employees to/from an Org. Unit. The name 'Smith' is entered in the search field, and the two results appear in the Unassigned Employees (left) box. 'Smith, Doug' is selected, and the Add >> button is being clicked. This will add 'Smith, Doug' to the Assigned Employees (right) box.

Add/Remove dialogs are found are used for several functions in the system:


In the Add/Remove dialogs, there is a Columns feature. When you click on the Columns button, a dialog opens listing the available properties associated with the selected object. Properties can then be selected, and they will be added as additional columns in the Add/Remove boxes. For example, below you can see a Select Columns dialog opened from the Add/Remove Learners dialog. Listed here are the available properties for Learners. Email Address has been selected.

After you click OK, the Email Address column now appears in the Add/Remove Learners dialog. Now you can search for Learners by their name or email address. You can also click on the column header and sort the Name or Email Address columns from A-Z or Z-A. You can add as many columns as you like. To remove any columns, simply click the Columns button and deselect properties.

Note that additional column properties are not searchable in any add/remove dialogs.