Add an Internal Capability Assessment

To add a Capability Assessment to a Task
  1. Open the Process Manager.
  2. Right-click on the Task and select Add Capability Assessment.

A new Capability Assessment appears under the Task and the Capability Assessment Editor appears in the context view.

  1. In the Context view, select the Action Editor tab.
  2. Click Add.

A generic new action appears in edit mode.

  1. Type the action text and click Enter.
  2. In the Action Details section, enter the steps required to complete the selected action.
  3. Format the text as desired.
  4. Set the Sign Off Requirement to the desired setting.

A Capability Assessment can be signed off by either Management or Expert Only.

If you select Management, anyone who is a Supervisor or Operational Administrator of this Employee (and who has been given the right to Complete Capability Assessments in their Role Permission Sets) will be able to sign off the Capability component for this Employee.

If you select Expert Only, only the person(s) who the Subject Matter Expert has assigned as the Expert for this Capability Assessment will be able to sign off on anyone's Capability Assessment (regardless of being a Manager of that Employee).  Also, if the Sign Off Requirement is set as Expert Only, and no Experts have been set, the SME will not be able to put the Capability Assessment online.

To add Experts
  1. Open the Process Manager.
  2. Right-click on the Capability Assessment and select Add/Remove Experts.

The Add/ Remove Experts dialog appears .

  1. Select the Experts for this capability assessment, and click >>.
  2. Click OK.

The Experts appear in the corresponding box of the context view.

To make a Capability Assessment accessible/ Put online
  1. Open the Process Manager.
  2. Highlight the Task in the tree.
  3. In the Properties section, set the Has Capability Component field to Yes.
  4. Highlight the Capability Assessment in the tree.
  5. In the Properties section, set the Online field to Yes.