Interpret TRACCESS Capability Assessments

There are two types of TRACCESS Capability Assessments:


Prior to using TRACCESS for learning, companies had to ensure competence of a practical component in some way.  This often consisted of checklists or procedures, that the Supervisor used to sign off an employee on a particular task.  There was often a lot of time that went into the design of these documents.  If such documents already exist, and you wish to continue using these documents to sign off the practical component of a Task, the Capability Assessment function allows an SME to link to one of these documents.

However, if such a document does not already exist, or if you wish to enter each step into TRACCESS, the Internal Capability Assessment Editor allows you to do so.

The following graphic illustrates a sample TRACCESS Capability Assessment, which was created using the Internal Editor.

Within TRACCESS, a capability assessment is used by several roles to achieve different purposes:

A completed capability assessment that obtains the set pass mark will satisfy the Practical component of the Task, and therefore turn the Practical component of the Task to black.