Capability Assessment Verification Status

The Capability Assessment Verification Status is a property that indicates to managers the verification status of a Capability Assessment without having to go into the Task History. When an Employee's Task is selected in the context view, the Properties pane displays the Verification Status, and an icon associated with the current status will appear on the Task icon. Just by quickly glancing at an Employee's Tasks, managers can easily see which Capability Assessments have been verified.

Note: The values and icons for this property can be customized to your organization's preference: see Customize an Icon by Property Value. The default values and icons are explained below.

The Capability Assessment Verification Status property appears as read-only in the Properties pane and has five possible values. Below, you can see these values and how the icons associated with them will appear layered with an Employee's Task icon:

N/A (Not Applicable)

no image


no image

Rejected - Capability Qualification Allowed

Rejected - Capability Qualification Revoked


Feature Notes: