Add a TRACCESS Knowledge Assessment

To add a TRACCESS Knowledge Assessment to tasks or competence levels:
  1. Open the Process Manager.
  2. Right-click on the task or competence level and select Add Knowledge Assessment.

A new Knowledge Assessment appears under the task and the Knowledge Assessment Editor appears in the context view.

To create more room to work with the Knowledge Assessment, double-click on the resize bar which separates the Process Manager tree with the Knowledge Assessment tree. The context view expands to the entire width of the screen.

To create the knowledge assessment:
  1. Right-click on the Internal Knowledge Assessment heading and select New Question (or click the button).

A generic New Question appears. This is actually the Question description, which can be modified in the Knowledge Assessment context view.

In the Knowledge Assessment, there is a Question Description and Question Text. These are not the same object. Since the Question Text can now be formatted, and can include images, this type of information cannot be stored in a tree; therefore, the Question Description has been added to summarize the Question but can only be plain text. Both fields are edited in the Knowledge Assessment context view.

  1. Type the question text in the Knowledge Assessment context view.
  2. Format the text as desired using the toolbar.

  1. (optional) Click the button to insert an image into the Question Text.
  2. Expand the Question ID to view its answers in the Knowledge Assessment tree.
  3. Select each answer, and in the Knowledge Assessment context view, edit the answer text.
  4. Click on the icon next to the correct answer to change the correct answer
  5. (optional) Right-click on the answer and select Delete to remove answers from a question.
  6. (optional) Right-click on the question and select New Answer to add answers to a question.

The icon will change to a icon.

  1. Set the desired Properties for the question while the question is selected.
To put an assessment online:
  1. Open the Process Manager.
  2. Ensure that there is at least one "Possible" question for both Practice and Final Assessments.
  3. Highlight the Task in the tree.
  4. Set the "Has Knowledge Assessment" property to Yes in the Properties section.
  5. Highlight the Knowledge Assessment.
  6. Set the Online property to Yes in the Properties section.