Take a Final Assessment
  1. Open My Job.
  2. Expand the Assigned Processes to view a particular task.
  3. Right-click on the task and select Take Knowledge Assessment.

The Take Assessment dialog appears.

  1. Click Final.

If the Knowledge Assessment is password protected, the Assessment Password dialog appears. Your supervisor must enter the password before you can begin the assessment. If for some reason the assessment has timed-out or has been interupted, the password will have to be entered again before continuing the assessment.

If the Knowledge Assessment is timed, a dialog indicating the time limit appears first. Make note of how much time you have to complete the assessment and click Begin. (This dialog will not appear if there is no time limit.)

The Assessment Presenter appears.

If the Knowledge Assessment is timed, a timer will appear in the upper-right corner. Watch the time; it will countdown while you take the assessment.

  1. Complete the questions in the assessment. Use the Next and Previous buttons to navigate through the assessment.

In a Final Assessment, answers can be changed as often as required before the assessment is submitted.

  1. (optional) Click Send Feedback to provide feedback on an assessment question.
  2. (optional) Click Save Assessment to create a bookmark of your location in the assessment and return to it at a later time.
  3. Click Finish.

If you have not answered all of the test questions, a TRACCESS Information dialog will appear. This dialog will display the number of the first missed question (to avoid forcing you to go through each question to see if it has been answered). If more than one question was missed, clicking Exit Assessment again will display the number of the next missed question and so on.

If you have answered all of the test questions, the Assessment Summary dialog will appear.

Note on Timed Assessments: If you have not completed all the questions before the time runs out, a dialog will appear stating, "The assessment time limit has expired. It has been submitted automatically." Click OK to view the Assessment Summary.

  1. Click Close to exit the dialog, or click Print to keep a copy of your assessment for your records.