Task History


An Employee's Task History dialog is one of the most important dialogs in the entire application, and one of the most complex. Each detail line in the box to the left indicates that something has happened to either the task itself or the employee's status on the task.

The information in this dialog can be broken down into several parts:

Layout of Dialog

The Task History dialog contains seven layout elements.  These include:

The icon that appears before the Reason text should correspond with what is contained in the K and C columns.  If neither the K or the C columns contain an X, then the corresponding icon should be the current "Under Construction" or "No Status" icon.

Learners are able to view an uploaded document.  However, they are not able to either upload the document itself, nor delete it.  This is the responsibility of the Supervisor/ Operational Administrator.

Employee Task Status Changes

Every status that an employee has on an individual task is tracked in this dialog.  This list is seemingly endless, but can be broken down into three divisions:  setting completions, clearing completions and calculated statuses.

Setting completions:

Clearing/ Removing completions:

Calculated Statuses:

There is a single Employee Task change that appears in the Task History yet does not affect the Task as a whole, not the Employee Task status and that is changing the Employee Task Priority.

Task Modifications

The Task Modifications that appear in the dialog directly affect the Employee Task status.  In other words, if a Task has both Knowledge and Capability components completed, and one of the components is removed, the Task will no longer show the completion for the state that no longer exists.  These task modifications include:

Merged Records

If a Task has been merged with another Task, or if an Employee profile has been merged with another Employee profile, this will introduce a complex set of detail lines that ensure that all statuses (on each task, or for each person) have been accounted for.  The detail lines will indent in a hierarchical structure, and will list all of the employee task status changes and task modifications that was in the previous task history dialog - prior to the merge.