Upload Scanned Documents to Task History

To help keep track of completed practical checklists, external certificates, and course attendance sheets, TRACCESS allows you to upload these types of scanned documents. This can be helpful when questions arise about employee completions, and you need to look up the supporting documentation in an efficient way.

A System Owner, Operational Administrator, or Supervisor can upload scanned documents and link them to a specific completion and/or removal of completion. To use this feature, the “View Employee’s Task History” permission must be given to Operational Administrators or Supervisors.

All uploads are done individually in each employee's task history dialog. A record of either setting or clearing a completion must first be present in the Task History. Selecting a history detail (the items listed on the left side of the Task History dialog) enables the Upload button. There are many types of items you may want to scan and upload. Some examples are shown below:





Once a document has been uploaded, it resides within the database. It was a conscious decision not to create an external link (as with Task Resources), so that the uploaded documents could never be lost due to broken links.

The following statements and/or rules apply to the upload of documents:


Each time a document is uploaded into (and removed from) the Task History dialog, a note is added to the Comments tab of the dialog. This note includes the following:

Date of Upload
Employee ID (of person doing the upload)
Employee Number
File Name of original document
Date when file was last modified
File Size (in bytes)