About Required and Optional Learning


When learning is assigned, it appears in a learner's My Job tree. Because employees can belong to multiple Organization Units, and multiple processes can be assigned to each Organization Unit, employees may have any number of processes displayed within their My Job tree. Within these processes are tasks, which employees are responsible for completing.

Certain processes may be assigned as a Primary Process, taking precedence over other assigned processes, and are indicated by an icon: . Visit Primary Process for detailed information.

Learning can be assigned and structured into two separate categories:

Note: Only the Processes assigned to the Organization Units where the employee has a Learner role will appear in the My Job tree.

Required Learning

Required Learning is the learning an employee is required to know for his or her job and that contributes to the personal pie chart and populates the critical task tree. The processes assigned to an employee's Required Learning appears in the My Job tree, as shown in the image below.

Optional Learning

Optional Learning is not necessary towards an employee’s current job. It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as job growth, personal development, general interest, or even as a reference. Supervisors (with permissions) and Operational Administrators may assign Optional Learning.

This type of learning is assigned separately from Required Learning, and it appears under the Optional Learning node in the My Job tree, as shown in the image below. If no Optional Learning has been assigned, this node will not appear in the My Job tree.

Optional Learning also differs from Required Learning in several ways: