Assign Learning to Organization Units

Learning is assigned to Organization Units that contain employees with a common learning objective. The learning can be assigned as Required or Optional.

Note: Before learning can be assigned, you must first create the Organization Units and the Processes you will assign to them.

To assign Required or Optional Learning to Organization Units:

  1. Open the Organization Manager.

  2. Highlight the Organization Unit.

The Assigned Learning, including Required and Optional, for that Org Unit appears in the Context view.

  1. In the context view, click the Assignment Details tab.

The Required Learning tree appears on the left, and the Optional Learning tree appears on the right.

  1. Click the Assign Learning... button for either Required Learning or Optional Learning.

The Assign Learning for <Organization Unit> or Assign Optional Learning for <Organization Unit> dialog appears.

  1. Check  the Process Sets or Processes you wish to assign to this Organization Unit.

  2. Click OK.

The chosen Process Sets or Processes appear in the Required Learning or Optional Learning tree.