Quick References and Helpful Downloads

Below are PDFs to help you learn and review TRACCESS icons, concepts, and functions. You will also find downloads for importing data into your TRACCESS CI system.

Understand TRACCESS Concepts

Terminology  Icons for the main TRACCESS concepts and roles.

Task Icons  Icons used to show the type and status of Tasks in your learning activities.

Roles/Trees  How the different roles (Learner, Supervisor, Operational Administrator, Reporter, Subject Matter Expert, System Owner) use the My Job, Organization, Processes, and Reports sections of TRACCESS.

Administrative View  Screenshot of the main view for an Administrator with explanations of the screen sections in relation to Administrator functions.

Learner View  Screenshot of the main Learner view with explanations of the screen sections and of icons related to assessment and learning management.

Org Unit/Learner Views 7.6 and 8.5  Learner and Organization View from TRACCESS 7.6 and 8.5 versions.

Data Warehouse Tables ( jpg / vsd )  Color-coded flow chart that outlines how different types of data are stored in the TRACCESS system.


Review Quick Reference Guides

Login, Dashboard, and Tools  Describes the CI login process, the main features of the Dashboard and the Quick Access Bar, and ways to tailor the Dashboard to your preferences.

Selecting and Using Reports  Reviews the key functions you perform to prepare TRACCESS CI reports.

Operational Administrator - Manage Org Units, Employees, and Learning  Reviews key system functions the Operational Administrator uses.

SME - Manage Learning Processes and Tasks  Reviews key Process and Task functions that the Subject Matter Expert performs.

Supervisor - Manage Assigned Learning  Reviews key TRACCESS CI functions that you perform as a Supervisor.


Access Useful Downloads

Import Test Questions (CI)  Outlines the coding needed to set up and import Knowledge Assessment questions for 9.x TRACCESS versions.

Import Assessment Question Format (7.x Series/ CI) Outlines the coding needed to set up and  import Knowledge Assessment questions for 7.x TRACCESS versions.

Import Learning Records Legend.csv  Excel template to use for inputting multiple learner records to import into TRACCESS.

Import Employees Legend.csv  Excel template to use for inputting multiple employees to import into TRACCESS.

Import Process Model Objects.xls  Excel template to use for importing Process, Sub Process, Tasks, and Resource objects into TRACCESS.

Default Settings/ Definitions.xls  Excel template to set default configuration settings for System Options, Object Definitions, Role Permission Sets, and/or Resource Categories/Sub Categories.