What's New in TRACCESS CI (8.2)?

The TRACCESS CI development team is constantly changing and updating our software to meet the needs of our clients.  The main features of TRACCESS CI (8.2), as described below, were incorporated to do just that.

The following information is a very brief summary of the new features.  For more information, either click on the links provided within the text to access this information within the Help File pages, or click on the following link to download an expanded pdf version.

What's New in TRACCESS CI (8.2)

New Types of Reports

Although being able to track information is important, the ability to report on that tracked information is the single biggest need of our clients.  The reports introduced in TRACCESS CI (8.2) are the direct result of customer feedback on how our reporting capability could be improved.  The new reports are:

Sample Data Change History Report

Sample Qualification (Compact) Report

Sample Requalification Report

Please note: The above links go to the Qualification Report pages.  The main difference between these reports is that the Self Qualification Reports are for Learners, and the Qualification Reports are for Supervisors reporting on Learners.  The rest of the information is essentially the same.

Also, the Self Qualification Reports are the only reports that a System Owner does not have access to.  Since they do not have access to a My Job, they do not have any personal learning to report on.

Sample Task Completion Report

Fixed Date Durations

In TRACCESS 7x, a Task could contain a single duration.  This was measured in days.  If the Task contained both Knowledge and Capability components, the duration applied to both components (regardless of if you wanted it to, or not).  In TRACCESS CI, a Task could contain no durations, a Knowledge duration, a Capability duration or both - each with their own settings, measured in days.  In TRACCESS CI (8.2), a Task duration can be set as a Fixed Date.  This means that rather than someone's Task component elapsing based on the date that it was last completed, a Task component can be set to elapse on a particular date.  

Duration Settings dialog

This will greatly assist Training Coordinators in managing the scheduling of courses.