About the Organization Report

The Organization Report could also be thought of as a Roster Report or a Personnel Report.  This is the only report that does not display Employee Task Statuses, but displays the personal properties of an Employee.

Examples of uses of this report are:

If your purpose in creating an Organization Report is to display all Employees within a particular Organization Unit, you will not need to create a filter.  However, if you wish to show only employees from particular Organization Units that fit particular criteria, you will need to create a report filter.

For example, in the email example listed above, filters could be added to the Organization Report template.  Without adding a filter, you would select the Org Unit to report on, as well as enabling the email property.  This would list all employees of the Organization Unit.  However, you could add any of the following filters to shorten your list of results:

The results of the Organization Report will change depending on the fields that were selected, and filters created, in the Template Wizard.