Home Tab

The Home tab is contexual; it shows functions dependent on where you are in the application (Dashboard view or Home view) and what is selected.

Dashboard View

When viewing the Dashboard, the Home tab displays the Managers you have access to. Depending on your role, these could include My Job, Organization, Processes, Reports, and Question Bank. Click on a Manager button, such as the Organization button takes you to TRACCESS Home with the Organization Manager tree highlighted. The Home tab also allows you, if applicable to add charts to the Dashboard, and use the Bookmarks feature.

Here you can see how a Learner's Ribbon can look from the Dashboard:

Here you can see how a System Owner's Ribbon looks from the Dashboard:

Home View

When viewing TRACCESS Home, the Home tab changes and show different options and functions dependent on where you are in the system and what is selected in the system. Below you can see that when a Task is selected, its options appear under the Home tab of the Ribbon.

Additional Help:

Using the Ribbon