The Ribbon

About the Ribbon

The Ribbon is the main menu, where you access TRACCESS functions. These functions are grouped together as icon-base buttons under tabs. Although you can also use right-click menus to access most of TRACCESS's functions, the Ribbon is visual and contextual, making it a fast and intuitive way to use TRACCESS. Your role in the system, such as if you are a Learner or a manager, determines which tabs you see and which functions you have access to; however, the Ribbon works in the same way for each role.

Ribbon Tabs

Depending on your role, you could see several different tabs:

Home - What you see under the Home tab changes as you navigate through and select different items in TRACCESS.

View - Functions that pertain to the esthetics, layout, and language used.

Reports - Functions that allow you to create reports without

Tools - This tab is for management roles only; the functions that appear depend on your role and your permission.

Maintenance - This tab is for Operational Administrators and System Owners. Its functions pertain to system maintenance.

Account - This tab is for all roles. It allows you to view your Account Information and to change your password.

Help - Allows you to access the TRACCESS help website.


TRACCESS' functions are grouped under tabs. Each function is an icon based icon that you simply click on to use it.

Using the Ribbon

When viewing TRACCESS from the Dashboard, the Ribbon's Home tab shows you the Managers you have access to. Click on its button to navigate to that area in TRACCESS. Also, if applicable, the Home tab allows you to add charts to the Dashboard and use the Bookmarks feature. Clicking on the other tabs from the Dashboard, gives you access to their functions gives you access to those functions.

When you are viewing the TRACCESS Home without anything selected, the Home tab doesn't show you anything. But once you select an item in TRACCESS its functions appear in the Home tab. For example, the images below show you how the ribbon changes as different items are selected in TRACCESS:

Some functions have addition functions grouped with them. These are access clicking on the arrow under the button:

Minimizing and Maximizing the Ribbon

You can also minimize the Ribbon and show only the tabs by clicking on the arrow to the right of the Quick Access Bar and selecting Minimize the Ribbon. When you have the Ribbon minimized, simply click on a tab to view the Ribbon. Once you click away from the Ribbon, it will minimize again.

To maximize the Ribbon, click on the arrow to the right of the Quick Access Bar, and select Maximize the Ribbon.

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