Interpret SCORM Resources

A SCORM, Sharable Courseware Object Reference Model, is a resource that can be linked to a task. In addition to the TRACCESS resource information, you can also access the SCORM engine information package details, such as SCORM Completion Status, SCORM Success Status, and SCORM Final Mark.

An SME or a System Owner has the ability to upload SCORM modules to the working web server and then create a SCORM resource link to any task, based on the path reference on the web server. Successful completion of the SCORM resource (SCORM Completion Status) has been integrated to indicate successful completion of a TRACCESS task.

When a SCORM reference is deleted, it's corresponding directory in the SCORM upload directory is also deleted, unless it is used by another SCORM reference.

Note: Each task can have only one SCORM Resource.

A SCORM resource can be used or presented in three ways:

Appearance Onscreen

Additional Help:

Attach a TRACCable Resource or TRACCable SCORM Resource to a Task