Interpret Tasks vs. Tasks with Levels

In TRACCESS, a Task can be represented in two different forms: Tasks and Tasks with levels.

 Tasks - Task activities are considered either complete or incomplete (with no concept of progression).

For example: Comply with Dress Code.

 Tasks with Levels - Task activities that have the concept of progression.

For example, Operate Machinery may have a Basic, Skilled and Mastery level corresponding to Turning the machine on, Fixing the machine or Designing a more efficient way of running the machine.


 Competence Levels - by default, these are named Basic, Skilled and Mastery.


Note:  Tasks and Competence Levels exist at the same level and behave the same way in the Process Manager; therefore, they will be represented by the same icons.

Note about Tasks with Levels: This feature's integration into your competency intelligence system is decided by your System Owner. If Tasks with Levels is turned off, you will not see any of its related functionalities.