Interpret Capability Assessments

A Task can contain two components: a knowledge component and a capability component. The knowledge component is comprised of the theoretical learning involved in the task and is evaluated using a written or Knowledge Assessment. The capability component is comprised of the hands-on learning involved in the task and is evaluated using a Capability Assessment.  A Capability Assessment is a set of standard, observable competence criteria that can be created by an SME and easily observed.

A Capability Assessment can be created in one of three ways:

Contrary to the Knowledge Assessment, where the Learner can log into the system and complete the final assessment online, the Capability Assessment is completed by a Supervisor for a Learner. In other words, the Learner demonstrates the measurable procedures to someone else, and that person logs into the system and completes the evaluation for the Learner.

This "someone else" is either Management or Experts. Management can be either an Operational Administrator or Supervisor who is in charge of this Learner. A Capability Assessment Expert is an authority on a particular task. Each Capability Assessment must have a sign-off property that is set to either Management or Expert Only. If it is set to Expert Only, the SME or Task Owner must indicate the name of the expert(s) when creating the capability assessment, and only that person will be authorized to sign people off of their capability assessments.

Note: If there are a large number of assessments to be signed off, a Supervisor or Operational Administrator with permissions can sign off the assessments on behalf of someone with the "Assessed by" option. To learn more about this feature, visit Select an Assessor Name.

The progress of Capability Assessments per employee can be monitored by enabling the In-Progress Status Icon.

The verification status of a Capability Assessment can be easily monitored with the Verification Status Icon.

Within TRACCESS a Capability Assessment is used by several roles to achieve different purposes:

A completed Capability Assessment that obtains the set pass mark will satisfy the capability component of the taskā€”the capability component of the task then turns to black.