Changing Your Dashboard Layout

Your Dashboard layout is highly configurable and first defined at a global level in the Dashboard Layout dialog by a System Owner (or an Operational Administrator with permissions). When the layout is changed at a global level, everyone in the organization sees the same layout on their Dashboard. Employees can then change the layout to suit their own personal preference. If any changes are made to the global layout, the Employee's custom layouts are reset. Employees may reorganize the layout again to their personal preference.

Repositioning and Grouping Tabs

The Dashboard can be made up of many items, which are integrated with tear-away tabs. These tabs allow you to easily customize your Dashboard by simply dragging and dropping items with the docking controls.

Docking Controls

Below you can see the docking controls, which appear when you click on a tab, hold, and drag it into any window on the Dashboard. You will know when you have a hold of the tab because your cursor will appear with a document icon, known as the docking cursor. This means your cursor is active to dock a tab into a new position.

Repositioning a Tab

In the images below, you can see that the My Job Summary window is being moved to the left of the Qualification Summary window. The My Job Summary tab is clicked on, held, and then dragged to the Left docking icon. When you move your cursor over one of the icons, the icon turns orange and the left side of the window is highlighted. You can then release your mouse button or "drop" the tab. The tab will then be moved into the new desired position. If you no longer want to dock the tab, simply release in an area outside of the docking tabs or press the Esc button on your keyboard.

Grouping Tabs

The My Job Summary and Qualification Summary windows can be grouped together. You can see in the images below the My Job Summary tab is dragged onto the Group docking icon. When the icon turns orange, the tab can be dropped and both of the tabs are now grouped into one window. They both can be easily accessed by clicking on their tabs.

Many tabs can be grouped into one window and are easily accessed by simply clicking on a tab name:

Rearranging Tabs within a Window

If you want your grouped tabs in a certain order, you can rearrange them by clicking on and then dragging tabs over to where you want it to be. Below you can see that The My Job Summary tab is dragged over to the right of the Qualification Summary tab. Notice how the cursor changes. This is how you know that your cursor is active to rearrange tabs.

Resizing a Window

You can also resize a window by placing your cursor over the lines in between the Dashboard windows, either vertically or horizontally. When you place your cursor over the lines, your cursor will appear as a resize cursor that has two arrows pointing in the directions you can move your window. Then, click and hold and move your cursor in either direction (up or down for horizontally, left or right for vertically).

Horizontal Resizing:

Vertical Resizing:

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