Interpret ASSESS Knowledge Assessments

ASSESS is the assessment creation product in our TRACCESS Solutions Portfolio. It allows you to test knowledge transfer and on-the-job capability. Using the ASSESS application, you can create comprehensive assessments and then link those assessments to a task within TRACCESS CI. The employee simply clicks on an icon in the Task Context view to launch the assessment. The results of the assessment (scores) are recorded in real time and stored within the employee’s task record. ASSESS houses thousands of banks of questions of various types (drag & drop, multiple choice, short, answer, essay, survey, etc.), driven from a database where you can categorize the actual questions to a specific task, and then you can retrieve and re-use these questions, whenever you are assessing the knowledge or the capabilities.

Note: ASSESS integration in your competency intelligence system is decided by your System Owner. If this feature is not turned on, you will not see any ASSESS functions.

ASSESS enables the integration of knowledge assessments throughout the learning experience.

Employees can


Managers/ Supervisors can


The following graphic illustrates a sample External Knowledge Assessment.

Within TRACCESS, an external knowledge assessment is used by several roles to achieve different purposes:

A completed final assessment that obtains the set pass mark will satisfy the Capability component of the Task, and therefore turn the Capability component of the Task to black.