Creating On Demand Report Templates

Before you can run an On Demand report from the Organization Manager, you must create templates in the On Demand Report Templates section of the Reports manager.

To create an On Demand report template:

  1. Select the Reports manager.

  2. Right-click on On Demand Report Templates and select New On Demand Template. A New Template dialog appears.

  3. Select a Report Type from the dropdown menu. A description of the report and an example image is provided below the dropdown menu.

  4. Click OK. The Reports Wizard for your selection report type appears.

  5. Choose your criteria for each page in the template Wizard. Remember that these settings cannot be changed by the person who is running the On Demand Report, but the template can be edited at any time in the Reports manager by the creator of the report.

The Wizard will take you through the same pages as it would for the standard reports with the exception of the Organization Units and Learning pages. Also, the Format page is different.

The Format page has four fields/options:

Title - Enter a title for this report.

Subtitle - Enter a subtitle for this report.

View Format - The view formats available depend on the type of report. These may include TRACCESS Report, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Excel Data Only, Adobe Acrobat PDF, and Microsoft Word Document.

Layout - The layout types available depend on the View Format you have chosen.

  1. When you have finished setting your criteria for all the template Wizard pages, click OK.

The template is now available in the context view of the On Demand Report Templates section. You can now share this template with Org Units or Employees, so they have access to use this report. And this report will now appear in the Organization manager when you attempt to run an On Demand Report.

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