Adding Question Sets to Knowledge Assessments

Once you have Question Sets with questions set up in the Question Bank, you can add them to Knowledge Assessments.

To add a Question Set to a Knowledge Assessment:

  1. Select the Knowledge Assessment you want to add a Question Set to from the Processes manager.

  1. Ensure the Online property is set to No. This can be changed from the Properties section or the dropdown menu in the context view.

  2. Select Add Remove Question Set from the ribbon, located under the "Home" tab. (The Add Remove Question Set button will be not active until the Knowledge Assessment is selected and set as "offline.")

The Add/Remove Question Sets dialog appears.

  1. Expand the Question Manager tree and select the Question Sets you'd like to add by clicking on their checkboxes.

  1. Click OK. The Question Set now appears in the Question Editor with the Knowledge Assessment's other questions (if any exist).

  1. Select a Question Set.  

  2. Review the questions in the right-hand window:

Choose which questions to include in this Knowledge Assessment. If you do not want to include all of the questions in the Question Set, uncheck the Include All box, located in the bottom-left corner of the window, and then click on the checkboxes of the questions you want to include in this Knowledge Assessment.

Customize the question types (Not Used, Possible, Mandatory, Requalifier Default) from the Practice Assessment and Final Assessment dropdown menus.

If you have added more than one Question Set, repeat steps 6 and 7 for each Question Set.

  1. Select Knowledge Assessment in the context view.

  2. Adjust the Total Number of Questions to Ask counts, located in the bottom-right of the context view. Notice that an exclamation mark beside Practice Assessment and/or Final Assessment indicates that the ask counts are out-of-range, which will prevent you from putting the assessment online.

Click on the Ellipsis button beside Practice Assessment or Final Assessment. The Set Number of Questions to Ask dialog appears.

This dialog will show a slider bar for each Question Set as well as for the standard Knowledge Assessment questions. The dark grey area of the slider bar represents the mandatory and requalifier questions, and the green area represents the possible questions. At a minimum, the slider must be set to the total amount of mandatory and requalifier questions. If questions are deleted, a yellow area will appear, indicating that the desired number of questions to ask exceeds the number of existing questions. This will continue to appear until the slider is moved back into the green area.

For example, if a Question Set has 3 mandatory questions and 4 possible questions, the total number of questions asked must be a minimum of 3, since 3 of the questions are mandatory. If you add any possible questions, this will raise the total number of questions asked. If you added 2 possible questions, a total of 5 questions will be asked, which include the 3 mandatory questions and 2 of the 4 possible questions.

Click OK. The Total Number of Questions to Ask section shows how many questions will be asked for the Practice Assessment and Final Assessment. If there are no exclamation marks in this section, then the Knowledge Assessment is ready to be put online.

Follow these steps for both the Practice Assessment and Final Assessment.

  1. (Optional) Click the Try It button. This will open a dialog showing you what the test will look like based on what questions are currently being shown in the Knowledge Assessment tree and not necessarily what the Learner will see.

  2. Configure the Knowledge Assessment's options. You must keep the "Online" option set to "No" to configure these options. They can be configured in the context view or in the Properties section. The Properties section will also give you a description of each option.

  3. Set the Online property to Yes.

The Knowledge Assessment is now online, which includes the selected question from the added Question Set(s).

Note: Before you can put the Knowledge Assessment Online, the Question Set must also be online. This is set from the Question Bank.

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