Reviewing and Editing Question Sets

When reviewing or making changes to Question Sets, the context view shows you helpful information.

Learn more about the Question Manager tree items.

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A. Question Filter

The Question Filter allows you to filter what you see in the Question Editor (located just below the Question Filter). To use this feature, simply check the Use Question Filter box. Then from the Assessment Type dropdown menu, choose whether you want to view questions from Final, Practice, or Both (Final and Practice) assessments. Finally, uncheck the boxes beside each question type you do not want to view: Requalifier, Mandatory, Possible, and Not Used.

When you use the Question Filter, the Try It function will not show the questions that you have filtered out.

B. Question Editor/Question Set Tree

Located directly under the Question Filter, this is where questions are created, edited, deleted, imported, or exported for your currently selected Question Set. It works similarly as creating questions for Knowledge Assessments, and the question and answer properties are the same as well.

C. Question Summary

This area gives a quick review of the counts for all the question types (Not Used, Possible, Mandatory, Requalfier) and the total amount of questions for both Practice and Final Assessments.

D. Online Dropdown Menu

Located just below the Question Summary is the Online dropdown menu. "Yes" puts the Question Set online. "No" put the Question set offline—this is indicated with a small red x on the Question Set icon.

Offline Question Sets can be added to Knowledge Assessments, but the Knowledge Assessment cannot be put online unless its Question Sets are also online.

E. Used by Tasks

When editing Question Sets, this area has three column that contain information that is especially useful:

Task Name - Indicates which Tasks contain a Knowledge Assessment using the selected Question Set.

Double-clicking on the Task's box redirects you to the Task with the Knowledge Assessment selected, so you can review the assessment's options.

Knowledge Assessment Online - Indicates whether the Knowledge Assessment that the Question Set is assigned to is online.  

If you cannot put the Knowledge Assessment online, the most common reasons are because its Question Sets are not online or its question counts are out-of-range.

Knowledge Assessment Status - This column indicates the status of the Knowledge Assessment. When editing Question Sets, keep an eye on this status. If you delete questions, for example, and the Question Set no longer has enough mandatory questions, the status will tell you this. A status that reads "OK" means that the Knowledge Assessment is online and will work properly. A status that does not read "OK" means that the Knowledge Assessment will not work properly and should be taken offline. If it is already offline, you will not be able to put it online until the status issue is resolved.

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