About Custom Report Types

There are three types of custom reports that can be integrated into TRACCESS CI:

In order to decide which type of report you will be creating, answer the following questions:

  1. What is it you wish to report on?
  2. Where is this information currently stored?

Once you have determined what information you wish to include in your report, you must have access to someone who knows how to use Crystal Reports and how to work with relational databases. If you do not have access to such a person, the TRACCESS development team may be contracted to create custom reports to meet your needs. Please contact PetroSkills Support for more information.

After your report files have been created, you can make use of TRACCESS CI's role permission sets, security features, and report filtering to generate your reports.  All custom reports are added to TRACCESS CI using a wizard. The pages of this wizard include:

The person creating the report may wish to make use of the following template (Custom Report Template) to provide information to the TRACCESS System Owner (or the person who will be creating the custom report).