Add or Remove Multiple Tasks to Auto-Complete a Task

To add or remove one or more Tasks to auto-complete a Task:

  1. Click on a Task in the Processes manager. The context view will appear on the right.

  2. Select the Relationships tab from the context view.

  3. Click the Add/Remove... button located under the "Auto-Completed when all of these are completed" box (lower right). A dialog appears.

  1. Select a Task from the Parent Tasks box on the left, then click the >> button. The Task will appear in the Parent Auto-Completed by Tasks box on the right. To remove a Task, select a Task from the right-side box and click the << button. You can add and/or remove any number of Tasks.

  1. Click OK to save your changes and close the dialog box. Your Tasks will appear in the lower right-hand box in the Relationships tab.


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