The Tasks to Auto-Complete feature allows a Subject Matter Expert to assign one or more Tasks to be automatically completed when a particular Task is complete. Groups of Tasks can also be set up to auto-complete a single Task—visit: Multiple Tasks Auto-Complete a Task.

This feature works by selecting a Task (parent), then selecting Tasks that will be automatically completed when the parent Task is completed. For example, if a Task named Standard First Aid (parent) is assigned the auto-complete Tasks Confined Space Entry (child) and CPR (child), when Standard First Aid is completed, Confined Space Entry and CPR will be set as complete as well. The parent Task can be set to complete the Knowledge component, Capability Component, or both.

When Tasks are auto-completed, that is recorded in the Task History dialog under Signature in the Meaning field; no grade will be set for a Knowledge or Capability assessment. You can also see which Task(s) auto-completed the Task in the Auto-Completed By tab in the Task History dialog.

Important notes about Auto-Complete Tasks:

Using Tasks to Auto-Complete

To access Tasks to Auto-Complete, click on a Task in the Processes manager, and then click on the Relationships tab in the context view, located on the left-side of your screen. You will use the features in the Auto-Complete section as highlighted in the image below.

Provides Knowledge - Clicking this checkbox will auto-complete the Knowledge component of the Auto-Completed Task.

Provides Capability - Clicking on this checkbox will auto-complete the Capability component of the Auto-Completed Task.

Tasks to Auto-Complete - Displays the Tasks that will be automatically completed once the selected Task is complete.

Auto-Completed By - Displays the Tasks that would auto-complete the currently selected Task (if applicable), and the component information that was selected.

Add/Remove... - Allows you to add and/or remove Auto-Complete Tasks.

Note: If the selected Task is part of a group of Tasks that auto-completes a Task, the lower left-hand Task to Auto-Complete box displays the Task that the group of Tasks auto-completes.

Adding and Removing Auto-Complete Tasks

To add or remove an Auto-Complete Task, click on the Add/Remove button; a dialog box appears. Select a Task from the Tasks list on the left, and click the >> button. The Task will then appear in the Current Auto-Complete Tasks list.

Tip: Use the Search field to quickly locate a particular Task. Type in any number of letters or keywords, and the Tasks list will automatically be refined. Click the "X" icon to clear the Search field.

To remove a Task, select a Task from the Current Auto-Complete Tasks list and click the << button. You can add or remove as many Tasks as needed. Click OK to save your changes.

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